"Your alignment doesn't influence your actions,
your actions influence your alignment."
- My DnD Dungeon Master

I'm Taylor "TQ" Quinn, a full time live streamer and content creator from BC, Canada;
I do everything from playing games to design and illustration.
My focus is on a positive, accepting, and magically fun community. Among the affirmations constantly used within "The Potion Shop" community, one example is to 'be unapologetically yourself, as long as you don't hurt yourself or others" along with "be kind to others, and be kind to yourselves".


The Attitude

I believe in completely being who you are as a person, and sometimes that means we make fools out of ourselves which turns out is okay. Living life to your fullest isn't easy, but I try to open a space where people feel comfortable to just be themselves and enjoy what life has to offer them. 


Thank You

There's a million people out there trying to make it in what they love, I'm so lucky and very humbled by the massive support my community gives me. This is why this section is here, to shout out those who started with me on my mac book air from 2014, and those who have joined along the way.



What do I do exactly? 
Simply put, I play games, create art, and raise funds for charities. More importantly I focus on building an open and welcoming online community. Become magical, and spread love with us.

The name:
SLY - Slybovyu comes from the Russian phrase slyubov'yu translating to English as "with love", a political statement from years ago that stuck with me, as I try to do everything in life with love.
TQ - My name is Taylor Quinn, and everybody calls me TQ.