Event Specific Streams

Throughout the year I put on many charity specific fundraising streams.
During these streams all proceeds from Twitch Cheers as well as new subscriptions to my channel
 during the stream are directly sent to the charity I've chosen prior.
The events always relate back to the charity, as an example
I participated in the Twitch fundraiser titled Create for Kids;
during the event I streamed creative illustration and gaming raising over 5K for Save the Children.
In total I have raised over 9K for various charities in the last year.

Have Mercy

'Have Mercy' are my Overwatch specific charity streams. 
During these streams: you'll see the winged symbol on screen,
different commands will be active, and all donations during these streams go directly to Fundraisers/Charities/Emergency Relief Funds announced prior/during the stream.
Most of these organizations are smaller or less funded and could use the hand
of a larger community working to help them.

Commands available during 'Have Mercy':