TQ's Black Widow Challenge
-Sims 4-

Main goal: 
Have 5 ghosts living with you in your mansion, 10 dead spouses; have achieved the Black Widow in game Achievement. 

Life span must be set to normal (You can choose to be a vampire). Start of with one Young Adult Sim. Give them the following 3 traits materialistic, snob, romantic.  The aspiration has to be “Love” with a sub-category being The Serial Romantic.  Move them into a lot/house and get them settled. *No money cheats allowed. Spouses must move into your home, you must keep all graves (or urns) at your home. If you choose to play as a vampire, you may not drink deeply from another sim. How your spouse dies, is up to you. 

  1. Meet a Sim and build your relationship until you can get married (All marriage should have a formal party, it’s not a requirement)
  2. Have a Dinner party to show you’re the perfect spouse. (It must at least be silver.)
  3. (Optional) After the party find a new romantic interest, move him in and get caught cheating.
  4. Kill off the spouse and Inscribe the tombstone with: {name} “Died by {cause}"
  5. Repeat this over again until you have 10 graves or more.

*After each death you may use the cheat code "Kaching" to receive $1,000 in "life insurance"